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Session 2 Advanced LEAD Academy Summer 2020 Moses Lake

​Single Day Session, July 9, 2020

Module 3: Managing and Leading Effective Projects

Module 4: Planning Successful Change


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Modules 3 & 4

Module 3: Managing and Leading​ Effective Projects


At the conclusion of this module managers will be able to:


• Define and clarify project scope, boundaries and expected outcomes

• Identify all internal and external stakeholders and what information they need, from whom, by when, and in what format

• Create a critical path and role clarifications around each milestone

• Create a process for accountability for all team members, especially for multidisciplinary teams

• Determine what will get measured, how and why (and how it will be used)

• Create and implement a risk management plan to anticipate and prevent project problems


Module 4: Planning Successful Change


At the conclusion of this module managers will be able to:


• Create a change strategy that reduces potential resistance

• Know who is involved and how

• Identify and address intended and unintended consequences

• Anticipate others' response and manage for it

• Gain buy-in and support from employees and stakeholders

• Create a communication strategy

• Measure progress and adapt as needed