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​​Workforce Education Programs

​WHS is dedicated to bringing intensive programs to build future healthcare leaders and diversify the healthcare workforce. Whether you want to strengthen your existing skillset​​ or build new competencies to advance your career, our programs cover a wide range of topics to ​give you the​ knowledge and expertise to succeed and transform your professional profile. 

Start your education journey today by exploring our programs. 

​​​​​Quality Essentials 101​​NEW
Empower new and emerging quality leaders to champion quality in their organization. Quality Essentials 101 brings together quality leaders and subject matter experts to form and share the foundational elements of quality improvement in the healthcare setting. Participants will learn key concepts and improvement tools to build their organizations’ capacity for improvement. 

LEAD Academy
Set your new managers up for success by making LEAD Academy a part of their leadership development journey. LEAD Academy offers a comprehensive and engaging modular training that focuses on building and strengthening key leadership competencies. Learn how to manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts and how to have impactful coaching conversations with employees. 


Project Management Program

Master the skills you need to manage complex healthcare projects and to strategically guide your organization. Effective project management can help control costs, reduce risk, and improve outcomes. Learn project management concepts, methodologies, and techniques required to lead healthcare projects with confidence and earn PMI credits along the way.

Negotiations Program
Refine your negotiating style to become an expert negotiator. Learn negotiation strategies and frameworks to influence others, achieve business objectives, and maximize benefits for yourself and for your organization. You will gain essential skills to achieve more value and favorable outcomes, reduce gender differences in negotiations, and refine your personal negotiating style to build confidence in your bargaining abilities.

​​​​​Women's Leadership Program​
Advance your career through impactful leadership and become a resilient leader in today's ever-evolving workplace. There is no better time than now to empower women to maximize their unique strengths and prepare them for their journey to senior leadership. This program blends live instruction from UCI faculty, peer coaching, and panel discussions with top executive women in healthcare.

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