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​Negotiations are something we all experience in our professional lives: vendor contracts, union negotiations, and ​other mission-critical negotiations that occur every day​.  We all do it at some point in our lives and f​ew of us have received any formal training to help us get the best outcomes possible for ourselves or our organizations.

Washington Hospital Services is partnering with the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California at Irvine (UCI) to offer a five week virtual program that will get you ready for your next negotiation.  Blending theory, skills, and plenty of practice with other students, this course will provide participants with the tools, skills, and experience necessary to make immediate improvements in their negotiations.

This course will feature group lecture, discussion, and small group breakouts to role play different aspects of negotiation. 

"I learned so much from Dr. Bauman's 4-hour negotiations course that I saved my organization $60,000​ when I renegotiated a contract the following week. ​Dr. Bauman combines research-based skills building with interactive role play exercises in a way that is both fun and highly informative. I was disappointed when the course was over: I wanted more! I recommend this program for anyone responsible for negotiating on the part of their companies."
-Elya Prystowsky, PHD, Executive Director at The Rural Collaborative

Program Details

March 2 - 30, 2022​​​
8:30 - 10:30 AM PT every Wednesday for 5 weeks

Online via Zoom, live session​s​
$1,950 for WSHA Members
$2,150 for Non-WSHA Members


Course Outline​

March 2 | "Preparation Essentials and Starting the Bargaining Process"

  • What puts you in a strong or weak bargaining position?
  • How do you start to overcome a weak bargaining position?
  • What essential information do you need to know before beginning any negotiation?

March 9 | "The Psychology of Control"

  • How do you stay in the driver's seat during a negotiation?
  • How do you make offers that stick?
  • How do you resist making unnecessary concessions?​

March 16 | "Friend or Foe At the Bargaining Table"

  • How can you escape an impasse in difficult situations?
  • How can you transform your counterpart from an adversary into a partner?
  • How can you tell how much value is really at stake in a negotiation

​​March 23 | "Leveraging Differences for Advantage"

  • What information is dangerous to share? What information is problematic to hold back?
  • What questions can you ask that help you get more of what you want?
  • What is “win-win" really? Is it possible to achieve it?

March 30 |​ "Gender and Negotiations"

  • Where do gender differences in negotiation outcomes come from?  (HINT: It's not biology)
  • What pivotal moments in negotiations play an oversized role in producing gender differences in negotiations?
  • What relatively simple tactics can you use to immediately reduce gender differences in negotiations?
  • What do men need to do and why should they want to do it? ​​​


Chris Bauman, PhDAssociate Professor of Organization and Management at UCI's Merage School of Business, is an expert in negotiations​-related science, practice, and teaching and has a highly engaging and interactive teaching style.  

For more information: ​
Jenn Bui