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Session 1 LEAD Academy Spring 2020 Skagit Regional Health in Mt. Vernon

Single Day Session, April 24, 2020

Module 1 From Peer to Manager, to Leader

Module 2 Leading People Differently

This module includes a behavioral assessment tool

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Modules 1 & 2

​Module 1: From Peer, to Manager, to Leader


At the conclusion of this module managers will be able to:


• Differentiate between leadership and management/supervision, and use the approach best suited to the situation

• Explain what successful leadership, management/supervision looks and sounds like

• Apply four key leadership principles and practices that support success for supervisors and managers

• Describe how job responsibilities at each level of the organization align to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives


Module 2: Leading People Differently


At the conclusion of this module managers will be able to:


• Approach tasks and relationships differently with different people (using the DISC tool)

• Acknowledge how their own behavior is influenced by preferences

• Adapt their style to develop improved relationships with employees who have a different “style"

• Influence people with whom they have been challenged in the past