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Session 1 LEAD Academy Fall 2019 Elma WA

Single Day Session, October 11, 2019


Module 1 From Peer to Manager, to Leader

Module 2 Leading People Differently

This module includes a behavioral assessment tool

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Modules 1 & 2

Module 1: From Peer, to Manager, to Leader


At the conclusion of this module managers will be able to:


Differentiate between leadership and management/supervision, and use the approach best suited to the situation

Explain what successful leadership, management/supervision looks and sounds like

Apply four key leadership principles and practices that support success for supervisors and managers

Describe how job responsibilities at each level of the organization align to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives


Module 2: Leading People Differently


At the conclusion of this module managers will be able to:


Approach tasks and relationships differently with different people (using the DISC tool)

Acknowledge how their own behavior is influenced by preferences

Adapt their style to develop improved relationships with employees who have a different “style”

Influence people with whom they have been challenged in the past